Year 12 Parents Information Meeting

At 8 pm on the evening of Monday 2nd March a meeting for the Parents of our current Year 12 will be held in the John Armstrong Hall.

At 7 pm there will be meeting for Parents and pupils who are not currently enrolled at Dalriada but would like to enter Dalriada School in September 2015 into the Sixth form. For the Parents and Pupils of Year 12 students not currently at our school the meeting will inform you of the criteria for entry into Dalriada’s Sixth Form. In addition we will outline  our expectations for being a Sixth Former in Dalriada, covering how we regularly review performance, the privileges, how we support students and the resources provided throughout the two year course. In attendance at this meeting, will be teachers of some of the new subjects that we offer in our sixth form. At the end of the meeting  you will be able to speak to these teachers individually.

If you would like to attend this meeting, please phone the school on 276 63066 to confirm your attendance.

In the meeting for our current Year 12 Parents, it will also cover what options year 12 pupils have available to them post GCSE results. With A level study at Dalriada being one of these options, we will outline to you the entry criteria for our Sixth form. The other options available, will also be presented along with relevant information around choosing suitable courses at A level. In addition as part of the presentation, we will also outline detail around our expectations of being a Sixth Former in Dalriada along with some pointers to help Parents support their sons/daughters through the period leading up to their GCSE exams in the summer.

All year 12 students have received a letter from the school outlining the details of their meeting on Monday 2nd March. Please return asap, the tear off slip on the bottom of the letter, indicating for us whether you will be in attendance or not.