Dalriada National Bar Mock Trial winners

On Saturday 20th November the Bar Mock team travelled to the High Court to compete in the Belfast heat of the Bar National Mock Trial Competition.

The competition aims to give young people an exciting and innovative insight into the workings of the legal system.  It consists of teams of 15 students who take on the roles of barristers, witnesses, court staff and jurors to compete against other schools.  The students are judged by legal professionals on their performances, prosecuting and defending two carefully planned cases.

The team competed in three rounds, winning each case, before being announced winners of the league.  They then went through to the final where they faced Our Lady’s Grammar School.  With an excellent case for the prosecution, they went on to win the overall competition.

This is the first time that a team from Dalr iada have won the competition – a great achievement!

The standard produced by the schools who take part has been extremely high over the years, making this a very prestigious competition.

The performance of each member of the team was outstanding – the pupils have been working very hard over the last few weeks and their efforts have been rewarded. Pupils played the following roles:

Barristers: Christy Gregg, Carla Hunter, Simon Hunter, Naomi Lee, Alison Robinson,  Zoe Rogers, Robyn Wedlock, Sarah McQuillan.

Witnesses: Niall Adams, Ross Graham, Lee Hanna, Jessica Morrison, Megan Christie, Catherine Wallace, Naoimh Ledwith.

Special thanks to our barristers Craig Dunford and former pupils Jennifer Kirkwood and Lisa Pollock who gave of their time to help with the preparation of both cases and allowed the team members to borrow their wigs for the day!  Their support and advice is very much appreciated.

In March the team will compete in the National final, which is to be held in Belfast this year.  A new case will be released in January and pupils will then begin preparations in an attempt to become the overall UK champions.