DSB CU – Identity

“But what about you?” Jesus asked. “Who do you say I am?”

What a year it has been for DSB CU!

We started off in September with a memorable Dalriada video based on the theme of ‘Identity’, introducing both our ideas for the year and the new committee. You can watch this on Youtube. Many pupils shared their experiences and excitement with being involved in summer teams and activities, both at home and abroad. Some served in Romania, Mexico, Ukraine, Spain and at home in Belfast, Newcastle and Portadown.

We had the privilege of many guest speakers throughout the year. In September, Colin Adams, Pastor of Ballymoney Baptist Church, reminded us of the importance of living our lives through the gospel in order to show our identity. He told us that the gospel isn’t just the ABC – it’s the A to Z of life. It doesn’t just make us Christians; it moulds and motivates us. Coleraine football star, Howard Beverland, shared the dangers of putting identity into worldly things, when in fact the only ‘ID’ we need to get into heaven is Jesus.

Just before half-term, Mr Barkman, our former VP, came back into school to take part in a debate with Mrs Millican: “It’s ok not to believe in God”, which was open to the whole school and proved unforgettable. A little prayer meeting ran all the way though, tucked away in K3a as we watched 400 people fill the floor in the John Armstrong Hall. The question session at the end was intense.
After half term, Hugh Cubit, the new minister in St. James’s, spoke to us about our corporate identity as a CU in the school – “a people belonging to God.”

In November, we had the opportunity to have an Overnight in the Gillen Centre and Trinity Church where we could focus our hearts to worship, pray and listen to our guest speakers – Colin Adams and Alan Clarke. They explained that evangelism isn’t always easy, but it is simple and Christ’s love is the power of our salvation. Many pupils took the opportunity to share special verses, testimonies and experiences with the group. The overnight also involved a lot of food, a bundle of laughs and great fellowship together.

The Pais team came to speak, emphasizing the need to encourage one another in our walk with God. They also had some fun games, such as, ‘How many pegs can you stick onto your face?’ and ‘Who can find the Bible verse first?’
James Hutchinson, a past pupil of Dalriada, talked about our spiritual identity, reminding us that Jesus tells us to “take up your cross and follow me.” Jesus compared discipleship to crucifixion. It is not meant to be easy. In fact, as Mrs Millican says, if you’re finding it easy, you’re probably doing it wrong!
We also had a day of Eclectic Praise in November, led by Laura Witherow, which was a great chance to explore different styles of music in worship.
Gordon Stewart, from AsiaLink, described the 10:40 window which contains 52 countries with 3 billion people and 97% of the world’s unreached people groups. He spoke about the 12 missionaries he knows in Iraq and the need for prayer for the Yazidi people. We promised to pray for these people every day at CU and we did that for the rest of the year. We were also able to give £50 to buy 50 New Testaments for the evangelists to give out in Iraq.


With Christmas approaching, we decided to have an outreach to the whole school, decorating gingerbread men and sharing the Christmas story. M3 was packed and Mrs Millican spoke about some of the crazy things people believe about Christmas. And then she told the facts – what an awesome God we have! We were so glad that God enabled us to give £200 to help feed some of our poorest brothers and sisters in Pakistan over Christmas through


Over the exams in January, we were so blessed to have some of our teachers – Mr Walker, Mr Mills, Mr Surgenor and Mr Robinson come and share their faith and walk with God with us. Bible studies were introduced after the exams, focusing on Philippians, which gave a small group of us an opportunity to read the Bible together, asking questions and furthering our understanding.

In February, we held Mission Week to explore two major questions. Firstly, “Does God believe in atheists?” when John Kirkpatrick from Portrush Presbyterian church dealt with the questions that atheism throws up: the questions of origin, faith, design, purpose, morality, conscience and, ultimately, the question of Jesus Christ. The points made from thefloor were superb. John also told us about his Q and A address where anyone with a question about Christianity or the bible can email him and he will attempt to answer it:


Secondly, “What will happen at the end of the world?” Colin Adams came back and explained about the return of Jesus Christ, the resurrection of the dead, judgement and the renewal of creation. We also had a question and answer panel with Colin, John and Mrs Millican when answers were offered to the questions posted anonymously in the CU question box.

Stephen Mc Nie came in March to encourage us to press on and strain forward to follow Jesus. He challenged us to consider our faith – is it external only? How deep does it really go? Margaret Scott, from Cheers Drop-In, was our final guest speaker in April and she urged us to keep the faith and dive wholeheartedly into life with Jesus!

Perhaps the climax of the entire year was having the opportunity to share the Easter story with the whole school through assemblies. Mrs Hadden wonderfully directed a mimed play, starting with the birth of Jesus and finishing with His resurrection. You can watch this on Youtube.

Towards the end of the year, we joined with Coleraine High School and Inst. for ‘Unite’ which explored the theme ‘The Real You’. Dalriada took part through Tee-Shirt Testimonies, accompanied by Laura Witherow and Rachel McClelland. As a CU, we then began to discuss the area of leadership, looking at what he bible teaches and we thought about the new committee’s roles for next year.
The Upper Sixth took the last meeting of the year in April and Tiffany Gage made a video to sum up of year as a C.U together – and guess what? You can watch it on Youtube!

Overall, it has been an amazing year to be involved in CU and we were so incredibly blessed to have Mrs Millican to guide us through it. The committee including Jessica Currie, Mark Crooks, David Gilmore, Laura Witherow, Tiffany Gage, Megan Byers, Andrew Martin, Rhys McAuley, Christopher Nevin, Alice McCabe and Emma Hutchinson have worked together, formed friendships and had a year that will not be forgotten. We wish the new committee all the best for the exciting new year ahead for DSB CU!

Jessica Currie U6