Dalriada Takes Legal Challenge to New York

Dalriada School’s Bar Mock Team has been invited to compete at Empire VI: the World Championships of Mock Trial, for the second consecutive year.The team won the Northern Ireland heats last November, placed runners-up in the National Final, held at The Old Bailey in March and were subsequently invited to apply to compete in the International competition, to be held in New York.Dalriada is the only school to ever be selected to represent Northern Ireland at this level in the competition. They will join 35 other schools from countries such as Australia, Canada, Korea in the battle for the coveted title ‘World Champions’.The team travel to New York on Thursday 25th October 2012 and will compete in four rounds of the competition, being marked by several specialist judges. They will spend three days in court, fighting a Negligence case in order to determine which school and country deserve to be recognised as world champion legal eagles.

Good Luck Dalriada!