Characters in the Making!

We, in Year 10, were delighted to welcome debut novelist Debbie McCune to Dalriada on Tuesday, 4th June. The library was closed for the morning and all of us who had ticked the English Literature box on our GCSE options sheet were invited to join Debbie for an insight into the world of writing and publishing. Debbie’s novel Death and Cohas recently been released and we didn’t miss the opportunity to buy a copy from the Waterstone’s representative, which Debbie kindly agreed to sign.

We were then treated to an intriguing workshop on creating and developing character and setting. Swirling around the library – and our imaginations – there was talk of fabulous necklaces, large dogs, spooky forests , angry yet romantic characters, train stations, scars and painful shyness to name but a few.

What we didn’t imagine, though, was how Debbie inspired us to get writing and to take the plunge by putting our writing ‘out there!’ We left that library knowing that if we felt like writing, then that’s exactly what we should be doing, so off we went . . .to enter that first Young Writer’s competition. Wish us luck!

You can check out Debbie and her work at: