Latin Lives Again!

A new club sprang to life in Dalriada this year, one that has never happened before. In January of this year, I was offered a “crash course” in Latin by Mrs. Millican. I decided to take her up on the offer. So, for most Tuesday lunctimes since then, we worked through some Latin videos, websites and books.

Then, on Tuesday 11th June, Latin Club opened its doors. The members were pupils that had been invited by their English teachers, from Years 9 and 10. And so, over the last three weeks of summer term, I have been giving these pupils the same “crash course” that I took. Using the Ecci Romani books (books that many teachers and parents may still remember- perhaps with dread!), we were quickly able to translate entire Latin paragraphs, and have a basic understanding of Latin grammar.

Our hope is to continue running Latin Club next year, on the last Tuesday lunchtime of each month, making it open to all freely, just like our own Coliseum events.
Ut permanere vincere in spiritu Dalriadan!

Peter Forde 10R