Year 8 Public Speaking Competition

A local Year 8 Public Speaking Competition, run by Ballymoney Borough Council, took place on National No Smoking Day, Wednesday 12th March this year.

Dalriada fielded a commanding team of five boys who all performed excellently: Jack Kennedy, James Wilkinson, Bradley Findlay, Oran Hampton and Ben Wright. Each boy had crafted his own speech and so each speech had its own particular style and tone, which was very pleasing.

Competing against a strong representation from an all-girls’ team from Ballymoney High School, our Dalriads were pleased to carry off two of the top prizes, with Bradley Findlay securing third place and a cheque for £15 and James Wilkinson winning second place and £35. Goody-bags were also presented by the organiser, Cara Henry, herself an Old Dalriad, and the boys came back to school very pleased with their performances.