Bar Mock Team-awarded 3rd place at National Finals

This year’s Bar Mock Team have had an eventful season. In November last year they qualified for a place in the final round of the regional competition, however they were denied the opportunity to compete in the final due to an error which was made when scores were being calculated. The pupils had worked incredibly hard in order to prepare for the regional heats and were devastated that another school had been allowed to compete in the final round, in their place.

The scoring issue was investigated further and in December the school received a letter of apology from the organisers of the competition.

Aquinas Grammar School had won the final round on the day of the regional competition and had therefore qualified for the National Final, however at the beginning of February a decision was made to invite Dalriada to also compete.

The team’s performance in the regional competition was superb. The enthusiasm and determination shown by each member of the team was outstanding and they thoroughly deserved their place in the final.

This year the National Finals were held in Cardiff.  The team had only six weeks to prepare and were therefore at a disadvantage. Despite this, they worked hard and were keen to do their best. As a result, the team finished in third place. A great end to a busy school year for Bar Mock!