The 4th Great Year Eight Spelling Competition

Three pupils from 8M, representing Armour House, won a hard-fought competition on Monday 10th June in the 4th annual Year 8 spelling competition.

Throughout the year, all first year pupils have been learning sixty new words of a higher order from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, in their English classes. Not only did they learn each spelling, but also, and very importantly, the meaning, so they will be able to use this ambitious vocabulary in their own writing.

Over the spring term, pupils were tested in class on vocabulary from all ten chapters of the novel. The three highest scoring pupils in each class were then selected to complete against each other.

Very well done to the following pupils, the top fifteen spellers in Year 8:

House Names
  1. Jenny Stevenson
  2. Katie Dunlop
  3. Bethany Purdy
  1. Adam HenryKirsty
  2. Taggart
  3. Kelsey Glass
  1. Scott Knowles
  2. Hannah Baxter
  3. Aoife White
  1. Kate Dalzell
  2. Sophie Scott
  3. Sophie Ellis
  1. Ross Hennessey
  2. Auriel Guarino
  3. Dylan O’Kane

There was a lot of tension in the room as the five House teams progressed through more and more difficult spellings in each round. Between some of the rounds all the members of the Year 8 audience were able to join in and play a Countdown Conundrum to win a spot prize.

The final round consisted of three new words which were not from Animal Farm – inseparable, limousine and privilege – and, in the end, Katie Dunlop, Bethany Purdy and Jenney Stevenson won through with a super 36/36, narrowly defeating the runners-up by only one point. This is also the first team to have achieved full marks in the history of the competition.

It was a really exciting morning and an even greater pleasure to see how spelling can be enjoyed at a competitive level. It was also very encouraging to see that we have so many expert spellers – well done to everyone!

Many thanks to the Adjudicators, Mary Parkash, Cara Telfer and Alicia Cooke from Calvert House, last year’s winners, who carefully checked each team’s performance, tallied the scores and announced the winners.

So, very well done to Dalriada’s top Year 8 spellers, representing Armour House– Jenny, Katie and Bethany!