IT Sentinus Roadshow

On Friday 20th February, the IT department enjoyed a full day of the Sentinus ‘IT Road Show’. This was aimed at our KS4 students to promote an interest in IT, Computer Science and Software Development as a possible career choice amongst students.¬† Specifically, the programme was designed to give pupils an opportunity to work on key skills including teamwork and problem-solving.

During the event, the students enjoyed¬†learning to make use of a simplified version of the Java Programming Language giving them the ability to create their own digital images and animations. Also on offer was the chance to experiment with ‘MaKey MaKey’ boards. This was a lot of fun and showed the pupils how one can use everyday objects as a computer input device.

Overall, it was a great insight into the IT industry giving each of the listeners an acute awareness of what the IT sector is looking for and which skills are on demand. The pupils’ exposure to lengthy software programming has certainly given them an appetite for more.