STEM Ambassadors visit Dalriada

On Thursday 26th February, Year 12 pupils gained an insight into the skills required and the career opportunities in a wide range of STEM professions. Each pupil selected three workshops from a varied menu which included designing new branded merchandise with Partridge-Peartree, discovering more about Concorde from the Aerospace industry, analysing blood samples with the Department of Clinical Chemistry, searching for oil on the North Coast with UUC School of Environmental Science, extracting DNA from fruit and vegetables with the QUB School of Pharmacy, analysing fingerprints with a CSI Officer from the PSNI and drooling over Nutella chocolate cake as well as the endless opportunities to work with pop stars as they listened to local entrepreneur; owner of Ground and LSFX, an international lighting and sound company. A very big thank you to all those who gave up their time so willingly to share their expertise with us.