Schools Bible Project Competition – 2015

High Standard

High Standard

Very High Standard

Very High Standard

The new term started very well for many of our Year 10 pupils. In June each Year 9 pupil had written and submitted a competition entry to the Schools Bible Project. Thousands of pupils from schools across the UK enter each year and 22 Dalriads have been awarded prizes in this year’s competition.

The Schools Bible Project Competition allows students the opportunity to find out more about a major event in the life of Christ by imagining they had been present. This year the Bible passages studied were: ‘Jesus calms the storm at sea’ and ‘The Last Supper’. Both events were studied in class and pupils were then given the task of writing their essay.

Rachel Anderson received a copy of ‘Mere Christianity’ by C.S. Lewis. Her essay had been shortlisted for a major prize and the judges agreed that her work was outstanding. Ten other pupils were awarded a copy of the same book for work of a very high standard. A further eleven pupils were presented with a copy of ‘Light in the Darkness’ in recognition of the high standard of their work.

The Religious Studies Department are delighted with the success of these pupils. They would like to congratulate not only those who won prizes, but all pupils in Year 10, as all of this year’s entries were superb.

Work of a very high standard:

10M: Lauren Carlisle-Edgar, Katie Dunlop, Victoria Gamble, Will Scott and Aaron White

10R: Rachel Anderson (shortlisted for a major prize), Juliet McInnes and Kirsty Taggart

10S: Aoife White

10T: Andrew Dysart and Ellen Rankin

Work of a high standard:

10M: Joseph Dorrans and Julie-Ann Wilson

10R: Kelsey Glass and Finlay Watton

10S: Daniel Telford and Hollie Hetherington

10T: Adam Donnell, Graham Kennedy and Thomas Warke

10W: Lauren Bell and Auriel Guarino