The 5th Great Year Eight Spelling Competition

Spelling Winners and AdjudicatorsThree pupils from 8R, representing Calvert House, won a hard-fought competition on Monday, 15th June in the 5th annual Year 8 Spelling Competition. Over the course of the year, all Year 8 pupils have been learning new words from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, which they have been studying in their English classes. The pupils spent a lot of time learning these spellings, along with their meanings and had been tasked with attempting to use some of this very ambitious vocabulary in their own writing. Pupils spent most of the spring term committing these words to memory and being tested on how well they could remember them. The top three spellers in each class were selected by their English teachers to compete against each other. Congratulations are due to the following pupils who were entered as the top spellers in their year:

House Armour- 8M- Isobel Christie, Gabriel Jones and Aoife Heverin

House Calvert- 8R- Caitlin McAlleese, Sophie Fox and Harry Condell

House Gordon- 8S- Claire Tweed, Noam Catterson and Jonathan McClure

House Reynolds- 8T- Holly Barr, Jack McKillop and Ellen McIlrath

House Ross-8W- Sarah Liggett, Remo Divito and Leo McClements

The five House teams progressed through 6 gruelling rounds, spelling difficult words like machinations, posthumous, indefatigable and ensconced, before two teams were eliminated. Audience members also participated in some rounds where they were asked to un-jumble letters on the screen to find the word based on their Animal Farm spellings. The final rounds required the teams to correctly spell new words, which had not previously been encountered in Animal Farm. Some of these words included limousine, mischievous and rhythm. One the final scores had been totted up, it became clear that two Houses, Calvert and Reynolds, had drawn for first place. The competition had to go to a ‘Sudden Death’ round, with the first team spelling a word incorrectly being eliminated. It was neck-and-neck for a few minutes, but the Calvert spellers managed to get the win, having spelled ‘profession’ correctly. Well done to Caitlin McAleese, Sophie Fox, and Harry Condell on their great win!