Letter to Parents

Please find below a letter given to pupils today to take home. It contains information about a number of changes brought about by the building projects currently running in school.


8 January 2016


Dear Parent


I am writing to update you on a number of improvements being made to our school buildings which are fully funded by the Department of Education.


As you are aware, our new sports facilities, funded by the School Enhancement Programme are under construction.  This work has caused a reduction in our available parking spaces in the back car park of the school.  It is imperative that parents do not use the back car park for dropping off or picking up pupils between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm as there are increased health and safety issues.


During extra-curricular activities on a Saturday, parents may use the front school car park or the spacious car park on the former Route Hospital site, accessed via the Coleraine Road.


The next phase in our capital development programme will consist of a refurbishment of the John Armstrong Hall.  The initial work will involve the removal of dormant asbestos in the roof area of the building.  We want to assure you that this work will be carried out by specialist contractors and we will follow agreed procedures and protocols as agreed by the Health & Safety Executive.  As a result of this work, the John Armstrong Hall and surrounding area is strictly out of bounds for a five week period beginning Monday 11 January, and will be cordoned off by clearly identified fencing.  Pupils will be reminded of the importance of observing this exclusion area.


Following the completion of this work, we plan to carry out a complete rewiring of the John Armstrong Hall and this work is scheduled to take place during the summer holidays.


This disruption has necessitated a change in our normal exam timetable.  Year 11 exams will commence on Monday 11 January over one week in their normal classrooms, Year 12 mock GCSE exams will commence on Monday 11 January and be held over a two week period in St. James’s Hall.  Year 13 exams will commence on Monday 11 January over one week in the Gillan Centre and Year 14 exams will commence on Monday 18 January and run over a one week period, in the Gillan Centre.


Thank you in advance for your co-operation during this time of disruption.  We look forward to the completion of this work which will enhance our school suite of buildings.


Kind regards,




T J Skelton