Year 9 Geography Fieldwork June 2016

On the 2nd of June, Year 9 pupils boarded the buses (where many McCandless seatbelts were put in place) and hit Ballycastle and The Causeway with a bang. Firstly we arrived at the Causeway and got into our form class groups and were handed out our booklets. After a quick toilet stop and a browse round the gift shop and information centre, we were soon ready for a long walk; or were we? We found out a variety of facts and historical events that never crossed our minds. There was a collection of monuments and rocks formed by geographical processes into shapes like a camel, organ, duck, boot and even old women! Promptly after that we ate a well-deserved packed lunch and took in the landscape. We learnt about rocks, formation, erosion and many other interesting geographical settings. One by one we boarded our buses and headed for Ballycastle. Each person had a group of three that they got into and started the trail on our designated spot. We walked round many places in Ballycastle and found out clues to fill in our booklets. Ballycastle was a lovely place we saw the beach, shops and other eye catching places. Overall Year 9 really enjoyed the trip and came home with a lot of new knowledge about a variety of topics, and something unusual for a June day-a little sunburn!

By Amy Woodall 9T