Let’s Talk Politics

Let’s Talk Politics 1

On the 14th October 2016, Mrs McCandless and 3 Year 12 girls travelled to the Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre to take part in the Causeway Coast and Glens “Let’s Talk Politics” event, hosted by BBC’s Mark Carruthers. This event included a panel of 9 local politicians from a range of parties: William McCandless (UUP), David Harding (Conservative), Boyd Douglas (TUV), Dermot Nicholl (SF), Aaron Callan (UUP), James McCorkell (DUP), Stephanie Quigley (SDLP), Ian Stevenson (DUP) and Barney Fitzpatrick (APNI). The day began with a brief introduction from each of the candidates, the young people in attendance participated in a variety of demonstrative polls. These involved a variety of political questions to give them a chance to anonymously voice their opinions. After a tea break, the politicians went table to table to answer any questions that we had about their parties’ beliefs and opi
Let’s Talk Politics 2
nions. This gave us the opportunity to find out the parties opinions on the issues that matter to us. We had a pretty decent lunch, followed by a detour to Starbucks. When we returned (definitely not late) each table had posed a question to the panel. Topics such as same sex marriage, Brexit and the refugee crisis made an appearance, and each result in a heated debate much to the amusement of our three Dalriads. This ended the day, but we then took the opportunity to speak one on one with a few remaining politicians before returning to the school. We all feel as though this has inspired a newfound interest in local politics and really enjoyed the day.

PS: What an awesome tie. CMK

By Catherine McKee, Alicia Cooke & Megan Schofield