Darkest Day Incident – Governor Response

In Dalriada the best interests of all our pupils are our primary concern. We also recognise our Duty of Care for all members of staff.  We do so by following the relevant school policies, including the Equality Statement, Pastoral Care and, E-Communication and Acceptable Use of Digital Resources.

We will continue to maintain the open and tolerant Dalriada ethos as we have always done.

In response to the current situation, pastoral support has been made available to all pupils and staff.

In dealing with this incident the School has followed the necessary procedures, taking account of the relevant policies.  Governors received a report on this investigation and took decisions on appropriate action.

The School pastoral programme is being reviewed to ensure that lessons on topics such as same sex marriage and abortion are delivered in an age-appropriate, sensitive, and non-judgemental manner which respects the views of all individuals, taking account of current Department of Education and Education Authority guidance.

A review of the School’s social media policy will also be carried out.