KS4 Curriculum

The Curriculum at Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 we aim to provide breadth, balance and flexability for our pupils so that progression routes to A Level and beyond are kept open. We will ensure continued preparation for life and work by building on the pupils’ earlier education experiences.

All pupils will follow a core curriculum of 25 periods composed of the Basic Core courses: one course from Science and Technology and one course from Modern Languages. Thier KS4 curriculum will be supplemented by choosing further optional courses, normally 5 subjects (20 periods). The optional courses will ensure all pupils have access to the Arts, Environment and Society, Modern Languages and Science and Technology learning areas. Most classes are unstreamed but there is setting in Mathematics and French.

Basic Core Curriculum

The basic core curriculum will meet the statutory minimum learning oppertunities for our pupils by requiring that all students will study:

Skills and Capabilities

  • Communication and Using Mathematics through the study of GCSE English and Mathematics
  • Self Management, Problem Solving and Working with Others through all courses taken at KS4
  • ICT; a discrete course which will enable students to make effective use of information and communication technology in a wide range of contexts to access, manage, select and present information, including mathematical information

Learning for Life and Work

The object of this course is to develop our pupils as indivduals , as contributors to society and as contributors to the economy and environment. The course draws together the basic purpose of the school which is to prepare our pupils for Life and Work.

There are three component strands to the subject; Local and Global Citizenship, Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Employability (Learning for Work). The course will be taught in a very active participatory way.

Physical Education

All pupils will have will have frequent and regular oppertunities to participate in a balanced programme of challenging physical activities that will help to sustain a healthy and active lifestyle and will further develop interests and talents.

Religious Education

This course enables pupils to develop an awareness, knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the key Christian teachings on the Revelation of God and the Christian Church, and they should develop thier ability to think and make judgements about Morality.

Subjects Offered

Area of Learning



LANGUAGE and LITERACYEnglishEnglish Literature
MATHEMATICS and NUMERACYMathematicsAdditional Mathematics
Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Technology and Design
One or More of:
Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Technology and Design
Business Studies
Home Economics
Learning for Life and Work
THE ARTSArt and Design
Moving Image Arts
French, German, Spanish
One or more of:
Frence, German, Spanish
PHYSICAL EDUCATIONPhysical EducationPhysical Education (GCSE)
LEARNING for LIFE and WORKEmployability, Local and Global Citizenship, Personal Development (Non-GCSE)Learning for Life and Work
ICTICT (Non-GCSE) ICT (GCSE Short or Full course)
Religious EducationReligious Education
(Short or Full GCSE)