Home Economics at KS3

All pupils study Home Economics in Key Stage 3 with the option to continue into GCSE, AS and A2 level. Pupils in Key Stage 3 study Home Economics for two periods, having practical sessions on alternate weeks.

Year 8


he-year-8Pupils start the year with the Unit, ‘Ready, Steady, Cook!’ This unit introduces pupils to what Home Economics is about. It prepares pupils to work in a safe and hygienic manner during food preparation and storage. Pupils progress from simple snacks to more complicated dishes in this unit.

Unit 2 ‘What’s in Your Lunchbox?’ introduces pupils to the concept of Healthy Eating, encouraging them to take responsibility for healthier food choices. Pupils also develop skills in the planning and preparation of a range of foods suitable for packed lunches. Pupils work together to plan and create their own choice of lunch using healthy eating principles.


he-year-8-foodUnit 3 ‘Family Life’ makes pupils aware of the importance of the Family in today’s society. It aims to examine the different roles within the family unit and how to strengthen relationships. Pupils also develop practical skills in the safe, hygienic, healthy and creative use of food to plan, prepare and cook meals suitable for a family.

Year 9


he-year-9The unit, ‘What’s for Breakfast?’ emphasises the importance of breakfast and introduces pupils to the study of nutrients. This unit also explores food labelling and the role of advertising in consumer food choices. Pupils continue to develop skills in the planning and preparation of a range of foods suitable for breakfast.

Through this unit there is an opportunity for connected learning with the Language Department. Pupils research the cultures and foods eaten for breakfast in other European countries and apply French, Spanish and German vocabulary. Following this the class prepare a Continental Breakfast reflecting this research.

he-year-9-foodThe unit ‘The Confident Consumer’ makes pupils aware of the factors that influence consumer choices and decisions. This unit explores what a consumer is, and gives pupils the knowledge and skills to know their rights and responsibilities as consumers. Pupils develop a range of skills which will promote independence in later life, for example budgeting, cooking on a budget and managing time.

Year 10


he-year-10In Year 10 pupils follow the Sainsbury’s Active Kids Get


he-year-10-foodCooking program. Through this the pupils plan a healthy meal suitable to be served in a school canteen. Pupils analyse its nutritional content, cost the meal and create a plan of work as well as produce the actual meal. 50% of Year 10 achieved a Gold Award!

Other topics studied in year 10 include obesity, eating disorders and other issues related to teenagers such as their changing role within the family and common problems faced during adolescence.