Home Economics at GCSE

The study of Home Economics is beneficial for future study in many diverse areas e.g. food science, dietetics, food technology, food product design, sport and fitness, consumerism, environmental health, nursing and the caring professions, primary and secondary teaching.

The knowledge of Diet and Health is so relevant in today’s world where many opportunities lie in the realm of health and fitness in both the private and public sector.

It should also be noted that the study of Home Economics is intrinsically valuable in the life of the student now and in the future.

GCSE DIET AND HEALTH – involves the study of:

  • healthy eating and nutrition
  • nutritional needs at each stage of the life cycle from baby to elderly
  • dietary disorders eg. coronary heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis
  • special diets eg. intolerances, sports nutrition
  • food safety issues
  • food labelling

and of course Creativity and Food where students will be able to respond to cooking trends & demonstrate a range of skills in the preparation, cooking and presentation of food.

CONSUMER AWARENESS – involves the study of:

  • being an effective consumer, rights and responsibilities, legislation
  • influences such as cultural, economic, environmental, social and psychological
  • marketing, advertising and media
  • changing lifestyles
  • money matters – financial management


  • 1 externally assessed examination = 40%
  • 1 internally assessed practical activity = 40%
  • 1 internally assessed research task = 20%

This is particularly beneficial for those who perform better under continuous assessment.

In Year11 pupils attend a ‘Feed Your Mind’ day at Loughry College. This provides students with an interesting and informative look at the use of science and technology in the Food Industry.

Pupils in Year12 may also have the opportunity to complete the Food Hygiene Certificate at Loughry College.