Home Economics at Sixth Form

The study of Home Economics at A level covers an extensive breadth of knowledge and transferable skills. Home Economics is often quoted as being a ‘subject for life’. The course provides a good foundation for further studies in, for example, Food Technology, Nutrition, Dietetics, Food Journalism, Consumer Studies, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Teaching, Environmental Health, Health Education and Sports Nutrition.

The program is divided into 2 modules each year, each with equal weighting of 25%


Nature of Assessment


AS 1
Nutrition for
Optimal Health
External Exam
1hr 30mins
Study of Nutrients & nutritional requirements across the life span eg infant, pregnancy, teenagers, elderly.
AS 2
Priority Health Issues
External exam
1hr 30mins
A very interesting & relevant module both for further study and for its intrinsic value. This unit studies current research in relation to e.g. Cardiovascular Disease, Obesity, Diabetes, Mental & Sexual health. Government targets, strategies, initiatives and campaigns for optimising health are also studied.
A2 1
Consumer Issues
External exam
This Unit requires the study of consumer issues prevalent in today’s society. This includes food safety & ethical issues. Also studied are financial management, consumer protection, legislation and redress. Many students follow further study in Consumer Education which opens opportunities in many organisations e.g. Consumer Council or Utility industries.
A2 2
Research based
Internally assessed & externally moderatedThis 4000 word research may be carried out on any topic related to the AS or A2 program. It has proved to be excellent preparation for research in any discipline at university level. It enables the student to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and skills demanded by the research process.

Outside speakers include Dietician, Environmental Health Officer and Financial Advisor.

Yr13 are given the opportunity to attend seminars in Consumer Buying Behaviour, Nutritional Awareness Training at Loughry College.