GCSE Biology


Biology can be defined as the ‘study of living organisms’. During the course lots of different aspects of biology ranging from life processes to advances in medical technology will be covered.

Course Content and Assessment

The CCEA Biology course that the pupils will study consists of three units. Unit 1: Cells, Living Processes and Biodiversity, Unit 2: Body systems, Genetics, Microorganisms and Health and Unit 3: Practical Skills. Units one and two are externally assessed written examinations (Unit 1- 1 hour 30 minutes, weighting 35% and Unit 2- 1 hour 45 minutes, weighting 40%) and Unit 3 is internally assessed controlled assessment (weighting 25%).

Entry Tiers

Pupils may be entered for the GCSE examination at either Higher Tier or Foundation Tier. Grade C is the highest grade available at Foundation Tier.

Skills Developed through study of Biology

There are a wide range of qualities and skills used during the study of Biology, they include:- analysing, communicating, describing, evaluating, problem solving and practical manipulation.

Related Subjects

Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Technology, Geography, ICT. If you are considering taking Biology to A level a knowledge of Chemistry would be beneficial.


There are a large number of careers that Biology can lead to, some examples are:-

Biochemist, Biology Teacher, Botanist, Dietician, Doctor, Environmental Scientist, Marine Biologist, Pathologist, Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, Radiographer, Veterinary Nurse/Surgeon, Zoologist.

Further Information

For more information you can ask your Biology teacher or you can go online.