Careers Website Links

Revision Guide / Exam Preparation & Applying to University Information

The following websites will be useful to students of all ages carrying out careers research, either for subject choice or when applying to university.

Gap Year Information

The Following websites will be of interest to any Yr14 pupil who is considering deferring entry into university or who may be considering taking a gap year for traveling or working abroad.

STEM Information

The following websites will be of use to pupils wishing to research STEM careers.

Future Morph – explore careers available from science, engineering and maths.

Connexions Direct

Northern Ireland Careers


Careers Advice

Biology related:

Southampton Oceanography Centre

Biochemical Society

British Ecological Society

Society of Biology

Institute of Biomedical Science

Physiological Society

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Society for General Microbiology

British Medical Association

Royal College of Nursing

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

Step into the NHS

Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

Chemistry related:

Royal Society of Chemistry

Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

Engineering related:

Tomorrow’s Engineers


The IET*

Institution of Chemical Engineers*

Institute of Civil Engineers*

Institution of Mechanical Engineers*

Energy Institute* – working in the energy industry

Royal Academy of Engineering

Royal Aeronautical Society*

Forensic Science related:

Forensic Science Service

Food Science related:

Institute of Food Science and Technology

Geology related:

Geological Society

Mathematics related:

Maths Careers

More Maths Grads

Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

Pharmacy and Pharmacology related:

Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

British Pharmacological Society

Pharmacy Careers

Step into the NHS

Physics related:

Institute of Physics

Royal Astronomical Society

Royal Meteorological Society

Teaching related:

Teacher Training Agency

General Teaching Council in Scotland

General Teaching Council in Northern Ireland

*For a full list of professional engineering institutions and information about accredited engineering courses please visit the Engineering Council website


Full list of sector skills and links may be assessed at: