Welcome to History

Our Ethos

The ethos within the department is of course heavily influenced by the overall ethos of the school. We openly promote academic achievement and want our pupils to achieve to the best of their ability. We also strive to support our pupils in their studies at all times. We have worked very hard to develop and promote a friendly and approachable character to the department as a whole, where our pupils enjoy the study of our subject, no matter how long they study it for. We feel that this has been one of our major successes. We also do our best to promote enjoyment of our subject; we try to pass on an appreciation for why history is such a valuable subject and we try to foster a life-long interest in History amongst our pupils.

Our Staff

  • HoD Mr. S. Bredin
  • Miss. L. Crawford
  • Mr. V.J. Doherty
  • Mrs. A Graham
  • Mrs. D. Irwin