GCSE History

Pupils will complete three units from the CCEA Examination Board. Additional materials including full specifications, assessment objectives, past papers and mark schemes are available at www.rewardinglearning.org.uk/microsites/history

Unit 1:

Studies in Depth (worth 50% of GCSE)
Externally assessed written exam
2 hours

United States of America

  • USA and the World 1918-1929
  • Minority Groups in the USA
  • Popular Entertainment and Social Change
  • Prohibition
  • The Wall Street Crash
  • The Effects of the Wall Street Crash

Changing Relationships:
Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland 1965-1985

  • Northern Ireland in the 1960s
  • The Troubles
  • Search for a Solution to Northern Ireland’s Troubles

Unit 2:

Outline Study (worth 25% of GCSE)
Externally assessed written exam
1 hour 15 minutes

The Cold War 1945–1991

Topics such as:

  • Korean War
  • Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Vietnam War
  • Events in Eastern Europe
  • 1980s

Unit 3:

Investigative Study (worth 25% of GCSE)
Controlled assessment

This will focus on an issue not covered by the external assessment papers and one that is an extension of the specification content.

Internally assessed and externally moderated

Topic to be researched:

  • The Atomic Bomb