Welcome to Music

In the music department at Dalriada, we aim to create a music-making environment where the contribution of every child is valued and encouraged through fostering a culture of positivity and inclusiveness. Pupils are given the opportunity to learn about, compose and perform music at whatever level they are capable of.

Our aims….

  • to stimulate and nurture a love of music which pupils will carry into their adult lives.
  • to provide a challenging and stimulating curriculum at key stage three, GCSE, AS and A2 levels.
  • to provide opportunities for music making to a wide range of pupils through a varied programme of extra-curricular activities.
  • to encourage pupils to perform to a high standard through performance on the concert stage as soloists or as part of an ensemble.
  • to give as many pupils as possible an opportunity to learn a musical instrument.
  • to ensure pupils are thoroughly prepared for Associated Board/Trinity Guildhall examinations.
  • to enrich the wider school environment and the local community through music.
  • to provide a positive social environment where pupils interact freely in the process of active music making.

Our resources…

Our purpose-built music suite consists of two teaching rooms (with two small practice rooms adjoining each), a general store, one large rehearsal room, an office, three practice rooms, two instrument stores and staff toilets.

M1 houses 14 computer / keyboard workstations, a mixing desk and a data projector. The computers have Logic Pro and Sibelius 6 software.

M2 is a general purpose teaching room containing a piano, a data projector, Hi-fi unit and classroom keyboards
The two rooms adjoining M1 and M2 have also computer workstations and are suitable for audio recording.

M3 is the rehearsal room and contains a Bechstein grand piano, a Yamaha grand piano, a Yamaha upright piano, timpani drums and assorted orchestral percussion, a CD player and two powered speakers.
The general store contains orchestral music, choral music, CD, record and tape collections and classroom percussion instruments.

The three additional practice rooms each have a piano and are suitable for private instrumental lessons.