Music at KS3

Years 8 – 10 have two periods of music per week.  One period is devoted to general class music making (recorder, singing, listening activities) and the second is given over to composing / listening tasks.  This arrangement is flexible in that composition can be computer based or using acoustic instruments.

Year 8

  • Melody writing
  • An introduction to Rhythm
  • Chinese music
  • Instruments of the Orchestra
  • Music and Art

Year 9

  • Major and minor chords
  • Texture
  • Programme music
  • Irish music
  • Indian music
  • African music

Year 10

  • The blues
  • Variations
  • Music for a purpose
  • Music in the media
  • Song writing

A programme of general musicianship, which focuses on building practical and theoretical skills, supports these projects.


Within music, there are three main areas requiring assessment. These are listening, composing and performing.
Assessment is recognised as being an integral part of the teaching process and is carried out methodically and regularly in a formal / informal way depending on the task set.