Welcome to Religious Studies

The Religious Studies Department aims to promote the academic excellence of every pupil in a caring, happy environment which is sympathetic and responsive to individual needs, aspirations and talents.

The Religious Studies Department strives to make Religious Studies relevant to the society in which we live. Staff endeavour to use a wide variety of teaching methods and stimuli in order to generate interest and enthusiasm across all year groups.

Aims of the Department

  • To promote the spiritual aspect of pupils’ holistic development, helping them to consider questions about the ultimate meaning and purpose of life, issues of right and wrong and what it means to be human
  • To give pupils the opportunity to explore their own beliefs and values
  • To encourage pupils to see the relevance of the Bible in society today
  • To help pupils understand, respect and relate to others, particularly those whose denomination, faith and beliefs are different from their own, thus addressing sectarianism, racism and prejudice
  • To promote understanding of the importance of moral and spiritual values and encourage the development of self respect and respect for others