Mathematics at GCSE

In Years 11 and 12 two parallel groups are prepared for the CCEA GCSE Mathematics examination at the end of Year 11 and for CCEA GCSE Further Mathematics at the end of Year 12. These groups receive 8 Mathematics lessons per week as they are preparing for 2 GCSE subjects.

Other pupils are assigned to groups preparing for CCEA GCSE Mathematics at the end of Year 12 and receive 4 lessons per week.

CCEA GCSE Mathematics

This is a modular course and pupils must sit 2 examinations to achieve their final grade. All examinations are externally assessed and there is no controlled assessment element.

The first module is worth 45%. Pupils will be entered for either T3 or T4 in the May/June of Year 11. This is a 2 hour long examination.

The second module is a completion paper worth 55% and most students will sit the higher tier T6 in May/June of year 12 (in some instances pupils may be advised to enter for T5 instead). This consists of two 1 ¼ hour long examinations sat on the same day – one with calculator and one without calculator.

Further details on the content of these modules as well as past papers and markschemes can be found here: CCEA MATHEMATICS MICROSITE

CCEA GCSE Further Mathematics (formerly Additional Mathematics)

Pupils opting for this course will complete both T4 and T6 mentioned above in May/June of Year 11 before embarking on Further Mathematics in Year 12.

Further Mathematics is assessed in 2 examinations worth 50% each.

  • Unit 1: Pure Mathematics
  • Unit 2 Mechanics and Statistics

Both papers are 2 hours long.

Further details on the content of these papers can be found here: CCEA MATHEMATICS MICROSITE

Although not essential, Further Mathematics is extremely beneficial for students interested in studying Mathematics at A Level as it bridges the gap between GCSE and A Level material.