Extra-Curricular Mathematics

Puzzle of the Week

A ‘puzzle of the week’ is posted in the Maths corridor and pupils of all year groups are encouraged to post entries to questions designed to test their logic and reasoning!

Here is an example:

A quiz has 20 questions.

8 points are awarded for a correct answer.
3 marks are deducted for a wrong answer.
0 points are awarded or deducted for a pass.

Jason scores 89.
How many questions did he get right?

Maths Clinic

A ‘Maths Clinic’ is also offered on a weekly basis and is open to all pupils – a great opportunity to catch up on missed work, get a little extra help with a difficult topic, revise for an upcoming examination or any other mathematical need. Clinic takes place in C7, see Mrs Convery or check noticeboard for up-to-date days/times.