Welcome to Spanish

Aims of the Department

All staff in the Spanish department aim to confer a knowledge and appreciation of the Spanish language and culture to their pupils. Through their committed teaching they inspire young people in Dalriada to study Spanish to the best of their ability. It is hoped that young people who have studied Spanish in our school will derive benefit from being able not only to use the language in the classroom but also beyond it: on travels and in the world of work.

Our Departmental aims are encapsulated in the following points :

  1. To promote the teaching and learning of Spanish in Dalriada.
  2. To encourage our pupils to enjoy the Spanish language and culture and to achieve their best level possible.
  3. To promote, through the use of the F.L.A., an active participation in conversation classes.

Our Staff

There are four teachers of Spanish in Dalriada. They are Mrs. Alison Ewart, Mme. Marin (who is also Head of French), Mr. Mills and Mrs. Kernohan (Head of Department). Montse is our Spanish assistant who is originally from León in Spain

Mrs. Ewart and Mme. Marin teach KS 3 Spanish classes, as do Mrs. Kernohan and Mr. Mills.

Mr. Mills and Mrs. Kernohan teach Spanish G.C.S.E. and A.S. and A2 courses (AQA).


Pupils first encounter Spanish at Dalriada in a Taster Session which is delivered in Year 8. Pupils select either to study Spanish or German in Year 9. Those who choose Spanish continue their studies until the end of Year 10. They then have two options: either to continue with both the study of French and Spanish, or to opt to take Spanish on its own for G.C.S.E.