Welcome to Technology

What is Technology and Design?

Tech1Technology and Design is about solving problems and developing products to meet real world needs. Students acquire both practical and academic skills along with the knowledge and understanding to support and give purpose to those skills. As students progress from Key Stage 3 through to A Level, they develop into creative problem solvers and the department aims to promote student creativity throughout all aspects of the subject. Whilst traditional design and manufacturing skills do still underpin the subject, especially at KeyStage 3 level, Technology and Design has quickly moved further towards high-end, career-relevant engineering skills including CAD-CAM, Electronics, and Systems and Control. Therefore, as an academic subject, Technology and Design is best placed to prepare pupils for active participation in a rapidly changing, technology intensive world.

Who does Technology and Design?

Technology and Design is a compulsory element of the National Curriculum at Key Stage 3. Therefore, all students in Dalriada study Technology and Design throughout years Yrs. 8 to 10. At GCSE level and above Technology and Design along with Engineering are both optional subject choices and pupils have the opportunity to study both subjects at GCSE and A-Level.

Department Aims

The Technology and Design department aims to provide students with a broad range of experiences, working with a variety of materials, technologies and resources. We aim to enable students to develop and fulfil their whole potential by:

  • Nurturing their creativity through the continual development of design and manufacturing skills.
  • Developing competence in the safe application of tools, equipment and machinery.
  • Developing communication skills, including verbal, graphical and modelling skills.
  • Using Technology and Design to develop Key Skills in Literacy, Numeracy and ICT.
  • Drawing on student knowledge and experiences from across the curriculum.
  • Preparing pupils to effectively contribute to life and work in a technological society.


Mr. A. Nelson (Head of Department)

Mr. J. Farmer

Mr. A. Surgenor

Mr. D. Reed (Technician)


The Technology & Design Department at Dalriada School incorporates a Planning Room for exclusive use of sixth formers to plan their coursework, a Systems Room containing an Interactive Whiteboard and 20 desktop PCs with access to a range of specialist programmes including Solidworks, AutoCAD, PCB Wizard and Livewire. The department also includes two workshops which are both well equipped with a range of state of the art technology and engineering tools and equipment including a CNC Laser Cutter, a CNC 3D printer, two Metal Lathes, a Wood Lathe, and a 3-axis Milling Machine.