Technology at KS3

All students study KeyStage 3 Technology & Design and work through a variety of design and/or manufacturing tasks which are current, relevant and engaging. KeyStage 3 Technology & Design provides pupils with hands-on practical opportunities to be creative, along with opportunities to explore and develop problem solving, research, design and evaluation skills. Graphical communication expertise is developed through the use of hand drawn sketching and Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. All of skills taught are essential in preparation for GCSE and A Level study and also provide students with opportunities to acquire life skills which can be drawn on long after formal education ends.

Current Units of Work / Practical Projects

Year 8

  • Safety (intrinsic to all units of work)
  • Key Rack (design and manufacturing)
  • USB Desk Light (design, electronics and manufacturing)
  • Rathlin Island (systems and control)

Year 9

  • Isometric Drawing (design)
  • Sellotape Dispenser (design and manufacturing)
  • Automata – wooden mechanism (design and mechanical manufacturing)
  • Big Designs (research and presentation)
  • Computer Control (systems and control)
  • SolidWorks Camera (Computer Aided Design)

Year 10

  • Alien Toy (design, electronics and manufacturing)
  • Technology and Engineering Careers Investigation (STEM research)
  • Computer control (systems and control)
  • MP3 Amplifier (CAD/CAM, design, electronics and manufacturing)