Sixth Form Technology

Entrance requirements

Students embarking on AS and A level study in Technology and Design are expected to have achieved at least a grade B in GCSE Technology & Design / Engineering. In addition, students will be expected to have some further background knowledge and a genuine interest in Technology and Design as a subject area.

What kind of student is the course suitable for?

Students will enjoy this course if they:

  • Have an interest in the areas of design and technology and are keen to develop further their own creativity and knowledge of technological activities.
  • Wish to develop an understanding of design and manufacturing technologies through a mix of exam theory and coursework.

There is a substantial commitment needed at home and in school to ensure that project work is completed to an appropriate standard. Therefore, time management and self-motivation are essential qualities.

How is the Course Structured?

AS is short for Advanced Subsidiary. This is the first half of the Advanced GCE course. Students can choose to stop studying AS Technology and Design at the end of Yr13, gaining a standalone AS Level qualification or students can also decide to continue with the course and take the A2 units for the full Advanced GCE qualification.

  • A Single AS GCE (2 units): Units 1, 2,
  • A Single A2 GCE (4 units): all 4 units

In the AS units:

  • Portfolio of Creative Skills – Unit 1
  • Design and Technology in Practice – Unit 2

In the A2 units:

  • Designing for the Future – Unit 3
  • Commercial Design – Unit 4

 How will the course be assessed?

  • Units 1 and 4 are design and manufacturing units of work which will be assessed internally and moderated by Edexcel.

Units 2 and 3 are examination units which are set and assessed externally by Edexcel.