Welcome to Art

Department Aims / Ethos:

We aim to:

  • Encourage a spirit of inquisitiveness and exploration in all pupils;
  • Enable all pupils should have an appreciation and understanding of historical and contemporary artworks;
  • Develop our pupils as individuals who understands the power of ideas and original thinking;
  • Encourage our gifted pupils and enable them to explore artworks and techniques beyond the scope of our schemes and specifications; and
  • Highlight the diversity of careers in the arts and give solid advice on suitable progression paths.

Our Art Room

We a very fortunate to have a large open plan department with 3 teaching areas and a sixth form space. All pupils in the department heavily use our network of computers and ceramics kiln. In addition to these facilities our pupils also have opportunities to screen print, produce textile pieces, do film and animation projects, make and construct 3D artworks and anything else that grabs our interest.

Our Staff

Mr. Bradley is our Head of Department and Miss. Kirkpatrick ably assists him. Both teach the full range of classes from Year 8-14 in Art and Year 11-14 in Moving Image Arts. Mr. Bradley is our Designer, Illustrator and Animator, while Miss. Kirkpatrick is our Fine Art and Ceramics expert.