Sixth Form Moving Image Arts

Moving Image Arts at AS and A2 level is a considerable step up from GCSE. Pupils now have full creative control over the films that they make. They are expected to write, plan, direct and edit their own short film. This requires creativity, excellent organisational, time management and people skills not to mention the perseverance and determination to see the their project to completion. These skills will aid our pupils to excel in any field of work.

We currently offer CCEA’s Moving Image Arts specifications and the units are as follows:




AS 1: Moving Image Arts Creative Production: Foundation PortfolioCompulsory Coursework (Internally Marked – Externally Moderated)70% of AS Level

35% of A Level
AS 2: Moving Image Arts Critical Response90 Minute Online Examination30% os AS Level

15% of A Level
A2 1: Moving Image Arts Creative Production and Research: Advanced PortfolioCompulsory Coursework (Internally Marked – Externally Moderated)35% of A Level
A2 2: Moving Image Arts Critical Response and Specialisation135 Minute Online Examination15% of A Level

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