Welcome to Information Technology

ICTOur desire is to equip pupils with the required knowledge and skills needed for this ‘digital’ age. The I.C.T. Department at Dalriada is a forward thinking department that appreciates the concepts of e-learning, active learning techniques and independent learning.

We really want our pupils to be confident and effective users of Information and Communication Technologies. In turn, our pupils can expect the ICT department to:

  • Help all pupils to use ICT resources with purpose and enjoyment.
  • Help all pupils to develop the necessary skills to exploit ICT skills – especially as a facilitator to other subjects.
  • Help all pupils to become autonomous users of ICT resources.
  • Help all pupils to harness and evaluate the benefits of ICT and its impact on society.
  • To develop pupils self confidence in a range of ICT related activities.
  • To develop the ability to apply ICT tools and gain a knowledge of ICT in action.

Presently the department delivers the following courses each week:

  • Year 8 ICT – 2 periods
  • Year 9 ICT – 1 period
  • Year 10 ICT – 1 period
  • A-Level ICT
  • GCSE Computer Science
  • A-Level Computer Science
  • ICDL
  • RSA Word & Text Processing

ICT staff members are:

T.Gamble (HoD)






The I.C.T. Department has five main suites that are used by dedicated I.C.T. classes and which are available to other subject areas throughout the year.

Rooms G1, G2, G3 and G4 are fully equipped C2K computer suites which can be booked by any teacher. Computer room K6 houses a legacy suite (non-C2K) giving the pupils exposure to alternative software such as Macromedia suite, Free Pascal and Delphi programming.

All classes are equipped with a data projector and there are a number of interactive whiteboards available to enhance classroom teaching and learning.