Information Technology at KS3

Key Stage 3 is taught right across our Year 8 to Year 10. Furthermore, in the near future Dalriada will be embarking upon the ICT accreditation scheme.

Here is a breakdown of topics currently covered at KS3

Year 8 (2 periods per week)

KS3 ICT allocation

  • 01: Health & Safety
  • 02: Folder & File Management (& good ‘house-keeping’)
  • 03: Internet Safety
  • 04: Using a Word Processor
  • 05: Spread sheets
  • 06: Email
  • 07: Scratch (Basic)
  • 08: PowerPoint (Basic)
  • 09: PowerPoint (Advanced)

Year 9 (1 period per week!)

  • Cryptography
    • Studying encryption methods
    • Practical application of encryption and decryption
    • Enigma Machine and Alan Turing
  • Databases
    • Constructing a database and building forms, queries and reports.
  • SCRATCH! Programming.
    • Pupils gain exposure to fundamental concepts of programming structure and program flow.
    • Candidates develop 4 programs that have discrete objectives and success criteria.
  • Python programming.
    • Pupils learn how to code in Python and apply basic constructs covered in the previous SCRATCH! Module.

Year 10 (1 period for ½ year!!) CONNECTED LEARNING project

In conjunction with the Business Studies department, year 10 pupils are challenged with identifying, designing and developing an advertisement for a product of their own choosing. There are a range of requirements, but the focus is on Windows MovieMaker Pupils should, by the end of the course, be able to create, edit and render their own movies that they have captured using FlipCam software.