Welcome to French


The French Department consists of 7 teachers who are all language specialists. We also have a French Language Assistant who works mainly with Sixth Form pupils.

  • Mme S. Marin                   H.O.D.
  • Miss C. Coey
  • Mrs S. Colville
  • Mrs A. Ewart
  • Mrs C. Kelly
  • Mrs E. Kernohan
  • Mr R. Mills

We have 7 subject-specific classrooms, all equipped with interactive whiteboards, laptops, data projectors and CD players, and there is a class set of portable CD players for A level students. We also have 2 study rooms for A level language students and two small classrooms for use by the Language Assistant.



The department contributes to the overall school aims and more specifically aims to:

  • Pass on our love of French and foreign language learning to our pupils;
  • Ensure that language learning is a positive and enjoyable experience;
  • Enable pupils to develop the four key skills of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking;
  • Enable all pupils to reach their potential and equip pupils with the knowledge and skills to allow them to continue studying French post GCSE and post A level;
  • Show the importance of French in the global economy and its relevance in the workplace.