Daniel Kelly Wins UK Wide Competition

Year 10 pupils were celebrating great success on the first day back to school. The whole year group entered a UK-wide competition in June, with one of the students, Daniel Kelly, winning FIRST PRIZE. 38 other pupils were also presented with prizes or certificates of special merit for work of a very high standard.

The School’s Bible Project Competition aims to encourage students to encounter the New Testament and do some creative writing based on what they have learned. It is a chance for them to explore the thoughts and feelings of people who were actually present at an event in the life of Christ, and to write about it.

Students were asked to write about either ‘The Crucifixion’ or ‘The women find the empty tomb.’ Each student was asked to choose one of the incidents and produce an essay as if by an eye-witness. Essays poured in from schools across the UK and many were of an extremely high standard, showing a thoughtful and reflective understanding of Christ, and the significance of his death and resurrection.

Daniel has won a cash prize of £500 for the school and a Bible and personal prize for himself. These prizes will be presented at a ceremony in London in the autumn and expenses will be covered for him and a parent and teacher to accompany him.

This is an excellent achievement for Daniel and the other students who have had their work recognised in this competition. A very positive start to a new school year!


Daniel Kelly

Prize Winners

Kamila Marszalek, Emma Hutchinson, Rachel Fallows, Christopher McLean, Jenny Love, Sarah Huey, Shannon Hayley and Matthew Christie.

Certificate of Special Merit

10M: Cormac Cunningham-Bell, Rachael McPherson, Zoe Carruthers, Ellen Yates, Sam Gault, India Macfarlane, Calum Nemec and Christopher Nevin.
10R: Lynn Macauley, Lydia Pollock, Emma Chestnut, Hannah Frizzell and Leah Boal.
10S: Chloe Ballantine, Peter Adams, Ellen Monteith, Scott Malcomson, Mark McMullan and Nakina Lamont.
10T: Joshua Kane, Zara Loughridge and Aoife Cameron-Mitchell.
10W: David Tang, Amy Simpson, Emma Armstrong, Alice Matthews, Katie Owens, Jonathan Jamison, Thomas Hancock and Sophie Sterne.