Double Double, Lots of Toil and not much Trouble . . . for Junior Drama Club!

‘The Scottish Play’ was brought to life this term when Junior Drama Club decided that Shakespeare deserved its attention. With Marcus McLean as a convincing Macbeth and Laura Abernethy’s haunting performance as Lady Macbeth, the plot unfolded for the Year 9 audience in the John Armstrong Hall. The performance in the round gave our young actors the new experience of having audience on three sides and they coped admirably. Emma Jones as Banquo, Calum Telfer as Duncan and Aoife Cameron-Mitchell as Macduff kept us all intrigued from beginning to end, while the three witches, Megan Myer, Constantine Arnscheidt and Kamila Marszalek created a tangible sense of the sinister by infiltrating almost every scene. The Scottish Thanes Jonah Myer, Sam Gault and David Willis along with Lily Meldrum and Rachel Beckett who played Duncan’s sons, Gage McAlister as Fleance and Andreas Karmiotis, the Porter, all told the story of Macbeth’s downfall with energy, pace and obvious enjoyment. Well done to every member of the cast and a big thank you, too, to Thomas Hancock our prompt.

Drama Club is now starting a new programme with a new intake of pupils, so if you are in Years 8-11 come along to B5 at lunchtime on Tuesdays. We look forward to you getting involved in our next performance!