Year 8 Making Castles

As part of the Year 8 History course pupils have the opportunity to learn about Norman Castles. They study the three types of castles that were built: Motte and Bailey, Concentric and Stone Keep castles. After pupils had learnt about the different forms of castles and the advantages and disadvantages to each they began the process of making their own. The effort shown by all pupils was fantastic, from paper mache castles to castle cakes. The history department was very impressed. Peter Clarke from 8M made his castle out of cake. ‘I decided to make a stone keep castle out of cake. I enjoyed making the castle and I think the class enjoyed eating it!’ Oliver Warke from 8W made a motte and bailey castle. ‘I used a lot of lolly pop sticks to make the fence around the bailey. It was great to see the castles that my classmates made and to see what materials they used.’ The efforts of the year 8 pupils did not go unnoticed as they were treated to a castle party…..well the castle cake just had to be eaten!!