Project Trust Selection Week

Two of our Year 14 pupils, Caroline Goodliffe and Jennifer Horrigan, recently spent a week on the Isle of Coll, Scotland, undergoing challenges and assessments in the hope of being selected to complete a Gap Year abroad before embarking on a degree at university. Coll has only 235 inhabitants, no street lights and no mobile phone signal! Caroline said “Throughout the week we faced many challenges designed to determine whether we are capable of living overseas for a year doing charity projects”. If accepted onto the project the girls could be posted anywhere in Asia, Africa or South America. Over the course of the week long selection process “our days consisted of lessons, over sea preparation, presentations and even essays”. In addition to the girls from Dalriada, were teenagers from England, Scotland and Wales. However, the girls made friends quickly and now all they have to do is wait and see if they have been successful in their applications.