Junior Drama Club

Meets Thursday lunchtimes

Open to Years 8-10

What a busy year our 75th anniversary year in Dalriada is turning out to be for Junior Drama Club! Over thirty of our members, in Celtic dress, formed the cast of the 2012 version of ‘The Dalriada Pageant’ which told the story of the Kingdom of Dalriada and which was first performed for the opening of the school on its present site in 1937.

Currently, we are moving with great gusto towards our second, and very different, production of the year. Connoisseurs of murder mystery dinner parties will definitely want to get in ‘on the act’ and buy their tickets early for our Murder Mystery Drama production, ‘The Blunt End’ (Death in the Daisies)! There will, of course, be the obligatory murder, shadowy motives and murder weapons lurking in dark corners, but the cast have been sworn to secrecy on pain of death – or detention for life – so it will be up to, you, the audience to deduce the identity of the murderer.

Rehearsals are currently taking place during our Thursday lunchtime meetings and we will also be using Saturday mornings in the weeks leading up to the performance, all in the hope that we will be able to entertain you in a suitably cryptic fashion. We look forward to seeing you in June!