Year 10 Pupils Experience World War One.

Year 10 pupils learn about the First World War as part of their study on the Twentieth Century and in June the pupils got to experience aspects of the war first hand through their visit to the Somme Heritage Centre.

Pupils were given a presentation on weapons used during the year 1914-1918 and were able to handle some weapons and hear the stories behind them. Pupils also had the chance to experience what recruiting was like and to actually feel what it would have been like to wear the uniforms. The highlight of the day was the walk through a reconstructed World War One trench, hearing and seeing what life would have been like.

Pupils said;  ‘it was a brilliant day out – i actually got to feel the weight of the weapons the soldiers had to carry’, ‘I loved hearing the stories’, ‘it was so good to actually see what a trench was like, rather than just reading about it in class’.