Visit from Zoolab June 2013

On the 17th and 18th June 2013 Zoolab came to visit our school. Andy the ‘zookeeper’ introduced us to some amazing animals. He told us all sorts of interesting facts about the animals including where they came from, how they move and how they were able to survive in their habitat. The best part was definitely when we got to hold them!

The corn snake was a very popular choice. It was fascinating to watch it slither around. Its scales were smooth one way and rough in the other direction. It had lovely peach and red markings. Having never held a snake before, it was quite an unusual experience!

The cockroach felt quite tickly on your hand. We discovered that they eat bat poo and that if you stamp on them,the eggs stick to the sole of your shoe and spread wherever you walk. If you chop a cockroach in half it can still survive for 24hours.

A Tarantula’s hair is poisonous if it gets in your mouth, eyes or cuts. It was really good (and a bit scary!) to see a tarantula up so close.

We also found out that the largest stick insect is 3 foot long and that birds are very clever at getting crabs out of shells for a good meal; they carry them up into the air and drop them from a height- splat! Dinner is ready!