European Day of Languages

On Thursday 26th September, Dalriada celebrated the European Day of Languages with several different events.  Year 8 participated in a French breakfast in the refectory where they enjoyed the delicacies of pain au chocolat, chocolat chaud, croissant and jus d’orange – délicieux! They learnt about other European countries through a quiz and games. Some year 8 pupils wore badges they had made about a European country of their choice giving information about the country and the people.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning.

Year 9 participated in a European quiz.  They had to find various teachers wearing a badge with a phrase from a European country.  Some of the phrases were very bizarre and quite entertaining.

Finally, staff in the canteen provided a wide range of delicious European meals for lunch including coq au vin, apple strudel and churros.  Many pupils and staff enjoyed these speciality dishes.  A big thank-you must go to Sinead and all her staff for putting so much thought and effort into creating such a diverse and interesting menu.