Open Morning 2015

SATURDAY 1Oth JANUARY 9.30am – 12.30pm

All P7 + P6 pupils attending Primary schools in the locality and surrounding areas should have received a letter from us, via their Primary School, inviting them to our Open Morning.

This Colour coded letter indicates the time of your talk and where we would like you to Park.

Open Morning for P7 Pupils and Parents will start with a talk from the Headmaster.

9.30 am Pupils from schools close to the Ballymoney area

10.15 am Pupils from schools outside of the Ballymoney area

Talks are followed by a guided tour of the school.

Open Morning for P6 Pupils and Parents will start from 10.00am with a guided tour.

Please come to the Sports Hall  where you will be organised into groups according to your talk start time, 11.30 am or 12.00 noon.

Your guide will deliver you to your talk for the correct time.

On Arrival:

P7 – Please use the front car park area and go to John Armstrong Hall for your talk.

P6 – Please use rear car parks and go to the Sports Hall for the start of your tour.

If you have not received our letter  via your Primary School please contact us on 276 63066 from Mon 5th Jan. for information on which talk we would like you to attend.