The Annual Year 8 Egg Race – Tuesday 16th June 2015

Year 8 have been busy using their problem solving skills, making decisions, taking risks and working with others to design contraptions made from junk that could throw a tennis ball as far as possible. Hayden Feeney, Harry Condell, Ross Anderson and Eoghan Maginn from team RHHE Slingers (8R)produced a catapult design with a winning throw of 28m. James Wright, Caleb Moore and Daniel Beckett from team Raiders (8R) came second with a superb 26.6m throw. Team Arbre, consisting of Sarah Liggett, Olivia McAleese , Lois Mc Fetridge and Mrs Bolster(8W) gained third place with their throw of 16.5m. Well done to all who participated. We have many potential engineers in this year group with excellent design skills. On the design side special mention must go to Erin McMullan, Benny Mitchell, Hollie Scott and Eva Mc Caughan from 8R and Callum Conway, Jed Owens, Joshua Hazlett and Andrew McKay from 8S, for some excellent designs and very creative ideas!