Chemistry at Work Exhibition 2015

Wednesday 14th October saw forty Year 11 pupils board a bus and travel to the University of Ulster, Coleraine. The UUC School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences had organised their annual ‘Chemistry at Work’ Exhibition. Exhibitors from different Global Pharmaceutical companies all based in Northern Ireland were represented (Almac, Nicobrand, Norbrook, Randox and Warner-Chilcott), the University’s Department of Environmental Studies and then the Pharmacy Department itself which has been voted top of the League Tables for the past two years. Each presenter outlined their area of work, a little bit about how they got there and explained different aspects of Chemistry within what they do. The students were impressed by the global nature of the companies represented and the large sums of money involved in the Pharmaceutical industry. The Pharmacy Department outlined some of the practical work that their undergraduate students complete in the laboratory e.g. how much water does a nappy hold? You might be surprised to know that it is an incredibly large volume…about one litre in fact. Following the exhibition the students enjoyed ‘Scientific Sue’ and her ‘Crazy Chemistry Show’. She explored lots of different aspects of chemistry and there were plenty of explosions in her show. She was accompanied by dragons of various sizes…all toys of course…which she made fly, breathe smoke and even fire. There was plenty of audience participation and it was great fun to see how the students reacted when there was a loud explosion or there was something messy happening! We would like to thank the University for organising the event and the school for facilitating attendance at it. The students came away with plenty of information regarding employment opportunities in this sector and how the Chemistry they study in class impacts on our everyday lives from nappies to Sudocrem!